20% Discount On Inspection Charge

Do you have any visiting charges?

Ans.  Yes, we do have ; in clients place it is 400/- and in our place it is 200/-

Is it authorized or private service centre?

Ans.  We are not authorized of any particular company(brand) we do multiple servicing of brands.

Does technician visit customer’s place for any service?

Ans.  Yes, the technician visit customer’s place for service.

Do you provide any warranty on the services provided by you?

Ans.  Yes, we do provide warranty on the services provided by us. The warranty period differs from service to service.

Are the parts genuine or not?

Ans. Yes, we do provide genuine parts, if that particular parts is available in the market or if that particular part is manufactured by that company.

Do the company provide any bill regarding the payment done by the customers?

Ans. Yes, the company provides bill for any payments it receives.

Are the technicians trained or not?

Ans. Yes, all the technicians are trained and certified.

Do you provide entire service in customers place or not?

Ans. If it is possible to provide service at the customers place, then we do that otherwise we bring the machine in our workshop.

Do you provide the service if the customer provide the parts ?

Ans. We do not provide any service on the parts provided by others because the parts may be faulty.

Do you provide service all over the WEST BENGAL?

Ans. No, we only provide service in the Kolkata pin code.