Winter is almost here. We need to use the water heaters and geysers to warm the cold water. Water geyser requires a lot of energy to heat water. This high consumption of electricity often shoots up the electricity bill during winters. Through this blog we at Cyborg services will try to make you aware of some simple tips which would help you keep a check on your electric bills by using the electric geysers correctly.

Correct the thermostat settings of your geyser

The thermostat keeps the temperature of the water in the geyser at the level you desire to have it at. Once the desired temperature level is achieved it cuts out the power supply. You need to take note that water geysers have a temperature range of 40-75 degree celsius. Most geysers available have a default thermostat setting of 60 degree or high. This implies that once the water inside the geyser will be heated till it reaches a temperature of 60 degrees or high. Water heated up to this temperature becomes extremely hot and needs to be mixed with lot of cold water before use. In order to prevent the excess heating and wastage of electricity you must have the thermostat temperature setting done at the right level. This will prevent excess heating and help to save on electric consumption and prevent excessive electric bills.

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Do not keep the Water heater on for longer duration

Some people have a tendency to keeping the water geyser on all the time. This habit leads to a lot of electric wastage and causes the electric bills to unnecessarily shoot up. Once the level of water temperature reaches the desired level the power supply gets cut off owing to the thermostat. However, after sometime the heat of the water is lost through the body of the geyser. The water temperature drops and again the geyser gets restarted. This way electricity gets excessively consumed and thus the electricity bills would rise. The best way to cut down on the wastage is therefore is to use it only when you need it.  

Choosing the right sized geyser

You must select the right sized geyser as per your requirement. If you go in for an over-sized geyser it would lead to heating extra water which is not required. Thus you need to choose the size of geyser as per the size of your family and consumption habit geyser so that electricity is not wasted.

Choose star rated heaters

By using 5 Star rated geysers you would ensure that these consume less electricity for heating water as well as have much less heat loss. This is why you need to install energy efficient star rated geysers and reduce your monthly electricity bills.

To conclude we hope that by taking care of the above 4 points you would be able to cut down on the excessive electric bills during the approaching winter.