Finally after a very long and extended summer, monsoon has set in and around Kolkata. This has brought in much relief following the extreme sultry heat. With the extreme heat and humidity which prevails during the summer and most of the other seasons, Air Conditioners have become almost a necessity. This is why having it functioning smoothly round the year is of utmost importance for most houses and offices. If you are based in Kolkata you would have also noted that thunder and lightning have been rampant during the rains. This is a major danger for almost all home appliances and even for Air conditioners. So let us have a look at some of the air conditioner maintenance tips during the monsoons.

Switch off your AC machine if there is a severe storm

Rapidly pouring rain, combined with strong winds and gusts can pose a serious threat to your AC machine. The first risk during such storms is that the pouring rain if they enter the electrical parts of the AC machine can damage it badly. Apart from this if there is debris being blown away while the ac machine is running, there is a possibility that these get caught up inside the machine and might damage the blades of the AC machine and other parts.  Along with this if you find out that your AC unit is located outside your room and if branches and leaves get blown up against the AC coils then there is a possibility that the air flow from the AC machine will get restricted and the AC machine has to work harder. This puts excessive load on the AC Machine and might cause it to work harder. This puts on excessive load on it. Thus in the long run it is very likely that it could lead to serious problems and a total breakdown. Thus it is best to keep your AC machine switched off during storms for its safety.

You could do a Visual Check up during the day time

Once in a while it is best to do a visual check up of the AC unit from outside. You need to check if there are obstructions like tree trunks and so on. Apart from this also try and observe how the AC machine is sounding while it runs. In case there is a louder sound coming out from the AC machine while it is running, than at times when it runs normally you need to have the AC machine checked up by a professional repairer.

Book a service call if you suspect something unusual in the functioning of the AC machine

If you find anything unusual with the functioning of your AC machine, it is always best that you book a service call for it and have it checked by a professional repairer. Often it is seen that if a minor problem is ignored it could lead to a major one, which ultimately lead to a total breakdown of the AC unit.

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