Out of all the home appliances which we might have at our home, but our fridge for certain is one of the most important. For most of us, it is a very busy life. With the intense work pressure, we hardly have any time for anything and our home appliances go a long way to help us save time and make like more convenient for us. When it comes to our refrigerator, it helps us to store both the cooked food as well as things like raw vegetables and so on. So it is necessary that this all-important home appliance functions smoothly at all times. The following are 5 key points for proper refrigerator maintenance:

  • Check the door seals

You must note that a loose seal would allow cool air to seep into the fridge. This, in turn, would lead to wastage of energy and might cause your fridge to work harder than it needs to. It is because of this that you need to ensure that the seals are free of food residue. In case you are able to afford it is best that you hire a professional to do the fridge cleaning for you.

  • Keep Condenser clean

It is to be noted that when the condenser coils are dirty and covered with dust, the refrigerator in no way can function efficiently. This is why it is necessary to ensure that at least twice a year, you have the machine to be pulled from the wall to reveal the coils in back. Once done you need to unplug the refrigerator, and vacuum with the brush attachment.

  • Setting the temperature right

Depending on the climate it is important that you set the inside temperature of your refrigerator. During summers when the outside temperature is very hot and humid it is important that the fridge is set to a cooler temperature inside.  This is what helps the refrigerator to function more efficiently in the long term.

  • Keep the fridge full as much as possible

You must realize that your refrigerator needs something which is known as “thermal mass” to maintain low temperatures. Cool foods and drinks help absorb warm air that streams in when you open the door. So try and keep your fridge as much filled up as possible around the year for better functioning in the long run.

  • Hire the right repairers

For the best refrigerator maintenance, it is most important that you hire the right Fridge Repairing Company which has the right resources and the right engineers to take care of your fridge repairing and maintenance needs.