Our lives now have become extremely fast and hectic. For many, it is a 24X7 Work Schedule. In such times thankfully our home appliances serve as our savior. Be it the kitchen appliance like the microwave oven or other home appliances like the washing machine and refrigerators, these home appliances offer great convenience. So if there is a breakdown in any of these home appliances it would cause us great inconvenience and discomfort too. This is why you need repairers who can repair these home appliances promptly and help in maintaining them on a regular basis. Cyborg Services is the leading Home Appliance repairing and maintenance service provider in Kolkata.

What do we offer?
Be it any type of home appliance repairing or maintenance services at Cyborg Services we offer all. So you could avail the best AC repairing, Refrigerator repairing, Washing Machine Repairing, Microwave Oven repairing, Water purifier repairing, LED TV repairing and much more. We also offer Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) to cover all in a very your repairing and maintenance needs for all your home appliances. So there is no need to run around for repairing different home appliances. We act the one stop solution for all your needs.

What makes us leaders in our Field?
Though home appliance repairing is a very essential service for all, yet there are very few reliable home appliance repairing services providers you can trust. Besides you need to be careful while getting your valuable appliances repaired. Improper handling of this very sophisticated home appliance may cause permanent damage, where after you may be left with little options to have it repaired. This is why reliability is a key factor which is most essential when it comes to home appliance repair. Also in case, there is a need of replacement of spare parts needed during the repairing it is important that the same is genuine so that the repairing lasts a long time. So the repairing done should be durable.

All Home Appliances Repairing under One Roof
At Cyborg Services we provide essential home appliance repairing and maintenance services for all home appliances under one roof.

Prompt Servicing
We offer very promptly repairing services at any point of time. So be it any time or any place in Kolkata we have a helpline which is functioning over long hours to attend to any urgent calls that may be needed. Besides we have the most knowledgeable and expert service engineers who would visit you to attend to the problem quickly. They are experts in their field and offer quick and prompt repairing solutions no matter how critical the problem. Thus no matter how serious the problem with our services even in case of a complete breakdown we can have the same quickly repaired and make functional.

We supply genuine spare parts
Often the quality and durability of the repairing service of home appliances depend on the quality of the spare parts which are replaced. We ensure that the replacements we provide are fully genuine. Thus you can be sure that the repairing done by us would last over a long period of time.

Transparent Billing
One major concern for most is that one might be excessively charged. However, at Cyborg Services, we have a very a very transparent billing system so that you know what you are paying for and why. Our service charges are very reasonable as well by any standards.

This is why if you are looking for the best home appliance repairing and maintenance in Kolkata please get in touch with us at Cyborg Services.