When we say summer, what comes to your mind? Cold drinks, ice cream, air conditioner, and what not. All that we do is think about ourselves. But we fail to realise that the summer heat not only affects us but it also affects the electronics, therefore it increases the cost of repairing home appliances. Be it A.C, Laptop, Mobile phone, Camera, etc, heat affects each and every living and non-living things. So today we are going to share few simple ways to help you take care of your electrical appliances this summer.

Take care of your electronics with these easy tips

  1. Don’t leave your electronics inside your car when it is hot outside, it is dangerous as it might catch fire if it gets too hot.
  2. Keep electronics out of direct heat and sunlight. Leaving your gadgets such as cell phones, cameras, and laptops out in the sunlight will harm the screen, battery, memory and such other parts.
  3. Use a cooling pad while using laptops and other electronic appliances.
  4. Store your device in a foamed neoprene cover. Neoprene or polychloroprene conducts heat far less efficiently than cotton or other natural fibers. So the lack of conduction means that your device will stay much cooler than if left out in the open sun.
  5. Regular maintenance is required. Electronics need to breathe. This can be achieved through cleaning and checking regularly. If they are not working properly, have them serviced by professionals.
  6. Try to avoid drastic transition between temperatures. Quick transition of temperature can be harmful for your electronic device. If your electronics are exposed in heat for a long time, let them cool down first before you take them to a colder place.

So these are a few simple tips to keep your electronics safe from intense summer heat. Treat the electronics like your family and make them happy even during summer. Take very good care of them and be their friends so that they can survive and perform better for a long time. You can also contact us for home appliances repair service in Kolkata for best in class repair services for your A.C, Refrigerator, Digital Camera and much more.