Summer means cold water, cold drinks, ice creams, and what not. But sometimes we tend to forget that the appliance which works so hard for us is often neglected. Fridge maintenance is something that we often ignore, but we should not forget that fridge maintenance and repairing is needed once in awhile to keep your fridge running in a good condition.

The first and the foremost thing of a healthy fridge maintenance is to clean off the refrigerator’s condenser coils. These condenser coils helps to remove the heat from inside of the fridge and keeps your food cold. Dust and other debris often latch on to the coils, making the work of the refrigerator much more harder and eventually it overheats the motor. So to keep your fridge in a good working condition, cleaning the condenser coil is a must. Take a vacuum with a brush attachment and go over the coils to get all of the dirt off of it, it’s super easy and an excellent way to keep your fridge clean.

The next most important thing is the rubber seal along the door’s edge, which keeps warm air from entering the fridge. With time the seal starts to get old and cracks show up, which compromises the tight air seal and affects the air quality inside as warm air starts to seep in, making it harder for the refrigerator to keep your food cold. So always make it a point to inspect it every few months and replace it whenever needed. You can also spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the seal to keep it from cracking and keep a tight seal when the door is closed.

While you take care of the fridge don’t forget about the freezer. Keep the freezer full, but not too full. The frozen food radiates its own coolness just like an ice pack, so the more you have in your freezer, the less it needs to work to keep it cold inside. In case you don’t have a lot of stuff in your freezer, fill up jugs with water and put them in the freezer. But never stuff your freezer, because you have to keep the vents free from blockage, as they help circulate air and keep it cold.

Fridge maintenance is a continuous process, and sometimes even though you do all these yet there will be something wrong with your refrigerator. In case of any such issues you can always contact Cyborg Services for compressor repairing, body damage or simply for painting of the machine. You can also get a replacement for your vegetable box, Bottle guard, shelf, handle of refrigerator, bulb of refrigerator, freshener, ice tray and coolfi tray only at Cyborg Services exclusively available at Kolkata.