Laptop is a part of our daily life. We cannot imagine life without it. Due to it’s easy to use feature and durability, laptop is a most sought-after digital device today. Over the course of a month, it is easy for a person to accumulate a lot of unnecessary files on their laptop hard drive. It is recommended to take time out from a busy schedule once a month and go through your hard drive and examine the files there. Determine which should be saved elsewhere for future reference and which can be put to trash. Because when it will crash, our life will come to a stand still. You might think that you are the only unlucky person when something like this happens, but happily you are not. It happens with everyone. So let’s get to know some laptop maintenance tips and save our laptop from untimely demise.

Laptop Maintenance Tips

De-fragmentation of Hard Drive

De-fragmentation is a process that rearranges fragmented data which would allow your laptop to work more efficiently. Defragging the hard drive is another maintenance task that will help your laptop to run as efficiently as possible. Defrag once a month for your programs to run more quickly and make better use of the space on your hard drive.

Regular De-fragmentation will lead to fewer software crashes or freeze ups and will make your programs run better. Defragging is a simple task, all you have to use is a good De-fragmentation software. You should also note that if you have a solid-state drive (SSD) in your laptop, De-fragmentation is not recommended.

Keep Your Laptop Clean

Cleaning your laptop will prevent overheating and dust building up inside your laptop fans and exposed ports which can cause malfunction. If dust does gets inside, blast it free with a can of compressed air. Laptop maintenance is a must if you want your laptop to work for a long time.

Software Updates

Keep your software programs updated as these updates address security issues which help keep your laptop and data protected. Perform updates as they become available, but you can use your time more efficiently by dedicating some time once a month to installing all new updates.

Laptop maintenance is a daily affair, and these are few steps you should consider for a healthy life of your laptop. Will share few more laptop maintenance tips in the next blog. If you think your laptop has some serious issues and require maintenance, you can contact us and we’ll make sure you get the best laptop repairing service at Kolkata.