20% Discount On Inspection Charge

Be it you’re A.C Machines or refrigerator in summers, or your geysers in winter, or washing machines, water purifying systems or LED, LCD TVs, these need to be serviced regularly. In case there is a breakdown in any of these appliances you would know how inconvenient it can be. This is why you need the best Home Appliances Repairing and Maintenance Company who can have them promptly and efficiently repaired. Cyborg Services is the leading Home Appliances repairing and Servicing Company in Airport and in most parts of Kolkata. We act as the one stop solution for any such need you may be requiring in the field.

Cyborg Services: The one stop solution for all Home Appliances repairing and servicing in Airport area

Whether you are staying in the Airport area in Kolkata or anywhere in Kolkata, we are sure that you would love to avail the services of a Company which can take care of all the repairing and servicing needs of all your home appliances. This is what exactly we offer at Cyborg Services. With one repairing and servicing company you can have the prompt and the best repairing and maintenance solutions for all in the Airport Area of Kolkata.

Why the repairing and maintenance solutions of Cyborg Services stand out?

  • The best team of service engineers who are most knowledgeable and experienced in the field to take care of any types of repairing, no matter how complicated.
  • The best repairing facilities to deal with the latest technologies being used.
  • Be it any brand we repair and service all.
  • Transparent Billing at all times.
  • Genuine and authentic replacement parts for home appliances.
  • Complete Support at all times.
  • Quick and prompt repairing services at all times.
  • One Stop solution for all your home appliance repairing and servicing needs.