Microwave is a part of every kitchen. No matter which season it is, we always need a microwave by our side to keep our family happy by providing them hot and tasty food every time. But when it breaks down, our world comes crashing in front of us. While repairing microwave is a bit tough, so it is recommended to get a professional help as they can diagnose what might be wrong with your microwave. Repairing microwave might seem like a difficult task like touch pad is not responding, microwave is noisy, tray will not turn, or the door is stuck.

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The Most Common Broken Microwave Symptoms are:

Touchpad does not respond, unusual noise, doesn’t shut off, no heat, won’t turn on, tray won’t turn, door not closing properly, door stuck closed, etc!

While there might be very simple reasons why your microwave stops working. If you are not an expert in these type of issues, getting a professional help will be a good idea.

Here are few microwave maintenance tips you can follow to keep your microwave up and running!

1. Keep It Really Clean

Repairing microwave is tough but keeping it healthy and running isn’t. The easiest and the best way to extend the life of your microwave is by cleaning it regularly. Most people do not realize that food and liquid spatters can absorb energy, leading to burn spots and even causing damage to components of the microwave. Most foods and liquids can be removed with warm soap and water or simply with microwave oven cleaner. Prevent most microwave messes by simply using materials such as paper towels or wax paper to cover your dishes during the heating process.

2. Choose Dishware Carefully

Always ensure that not every material is microwave safe and so it can cause fires or explosions. For the sake of safety and the longevity of your microwave use only microwave-safe dishware.

Never put these items into a microwave

  • Aluminum foil
  • Metal
  • Dishware with silver or gold accents

As a final tip, if you are microwaving food and notice that a container or piece of dishware becomes significantly hotter than the food, you should avoid using that item in the future.

3. Prevent Door Damage

Doors are one of the most widely abused part of a microwave. Slamming a microwave door, pushing it shut with an elbow for lack of free hands, or pulling the door open without first turning off the microwave. These actions cause gradual damage to the unit. Microwave latches are more complex than many people appreciate; some latches have as many as three switching mechanisms that must close in the correct order. Closing the door carelessly may damage these switches. Pulling the door open while the microwave is running, meanwhile, can result in a blown safety fuse.

Repairing Microwave – The Best Electrical Repairing Service at Kolkata

Follow these tips to increase the life of your microwave and if you are looking for a microwave repairing service in Kolkata, contact Cyborg Services, one of the most trusted electrical repairing services in Kolkata. We can fix any type of problem related to microwave ovens including stuck in standby mode, no heating or overheating of food, plate not moving, problems with closing or opening the door, faulty micro switch, touch pad not working, burning smell coming from the machine etc. Even your dead microwave can be serviced here! So book Cyborg Services for repairing microwave ovens in Kolkata.