Whether you are fond of cooking or not, but the microwave oven is an important home appliance which serves numerous functions. So its very necessary to know microwave oven maintenance .

Be it in terms of heating food or cooking, they are extremely useful. Not only in terms of saving time, but in some ways cooking in a microwave oven also helps in retaining the essential nutrients. Thus it is good for health as well. Therefore proper maintenance and functioning of this highly essential home appliance is a must. Being in the business of repairing and maintenance of microwave oven , it is important that we make you aware of the tips you must follow for the proper functioning of microwave ovens. This is what we will do through this blog.

Basic tips Microwave oven maintenance

Always keep the interiors clean

You must make a habit of cleaning the inside of your microwave frequently. It is often seen that food particles and splatters absorb some of the microwave energy while the machine is operating. This might cause burns and other damage to your microwave oven. You can clean the interior with a microwave oven cleaner. While buying a new microwave oven we recommend that you should buy an oven which has a stainless steel interior. It becomes easier to clean the interiors with the same. While cleaning microwave oven try to use a microfiber cloth to clean the interiors.

microwave oven maintenance

You need to close the door of the microwave oven carefully

You must take care that you do not to slam the door.  Slamming the door may often alter the order of the switches’, resulting in a blown, internal fuse. Thus you need to handle with care.

Never run the machine when empty

You may have mistakenly run their microwave oven without food, simply for use of the timer while cooking elsewhere in the kitchen. But this may damage the microwave oven. With the absence of food or liquid, the microwave energy is not being absorbed and will bounce around inside. This can cause it to get overheated and major damage which might involve expensive repair work.

You must use only microwave-safe dishware

You must use only dishware that is microwave-safe in your microwave oven. Many glass products are not microwave safe. Never put in dishware with metal parts or gold or silver plating. You must never put in aluminum foil, even in small amounts. If the dishware you are using to heat your food gets exceptionally hot, it absorbs the microwave energy, this is not microwave safe.

Leave any repairing work only for the professionals

Though the microwave oven is smaller in size in comparison to other home appliances, it can store thousands of volts of electricity in its high voltage capacitor, even after the microwave oven has been unplugged. This is a huge amount of electricity. Thus replacing electronic parts in a microwave oven can be extremely dangerous. You must leave it to a repair professional. Besides you need genuine parts for any replacement as well for ensure longer durability of your microwave oven.

To conclude we hope that by following the above mentioned microwave oven maintenance tips will help you in better maintenance of your valuable microwave oven. In case you are looking for the best home appliance repair and maintenance services in Kolkata, please get in touch with us at the earliest.