You would surely love to have spotless clothes being washed out of your washing-machine. Out of all home appliances, your washing machine is one which makes your life a lot easier and hassle free. You need to take good care of your washing-machine for its long life and so that it can function efficiently. The following are some useful tips to do so:

Tips for proper maintenance of your Washing Machine

Daily maintenance

After you using your washing-machine, ensure that the door of it is left open. This will let the moisture and dampness dry out. This will also prevent any type of smell inside the tub of the machine. In case you have washed some very dirty and greasy clothes, you need to clean the machine walls and tub with a damp cloth for removing any slimy build up inside.

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Watch out what you are washing

In order to ensure longer longevity of your washing machine you must keep a close watch on what is being washed in it. You must not wash anything like rubber mats or heavy carpets in the machine. This would create an excessive pressure on the motor of the machine and cause internal damage to it.

Use good quality detergents, the one that produce fewer suds

Some of us have the misconception that the higher the suds the better is the cleaning. But you must know that there is no relation between suds and cleaning. In fact if you use any detergent which causes excessive suds, it would damage the machine and also not allow for better cleaning. So use only high quality detergents, the ones which effectively clean and at the same time are low foaming. A good quality detergent not only takes care of your clothes but also of your washing machine.

You must not overload your machine

Do not put excess clothes in your washing machine. This will put an excessive load on it. This will damage the motor of the machine. So ensure that at no point while washing the washing machine gets overloaded.

You must understand the Settings and operate it accordingly

Mishandling of you washing machine may happen if you fail to understand the proper settings of it. Most washing machines in India today have 3 types of wash setting: Normal, Medium and strong. You must select the strong mode only when you are washing really greasy clothes. It is very important to use the right settings for your requirement. 

Clean the interiors frequently

Your clothes can not be cleaned if the interior of your machine is not clean. So you need to clean the interiors of your machine regularly. In case your machine has a removable lint filter, you need to detach it and remove the accumulated lint from your clothes and attach it back. Properly cleaning the interiors will ensure both better cleaning and also help to give your washing machine a longer life.

In conclusion we hope that the tips provided above will help to ensure that your washing machine functions efficiently and longer longevity. In case you require any Washing Machine repairing services you must get in touch with us at Cyborg Services. We provide the best and most affordable home appliance repair service in Kolkata. For details please visit our website.