Winter after a long delay is finally here in the city. This means that you need to use the water geyser regularly. Heating water can often be an expensive task if you do not use your geyser correctly. In most homes water heating is a major component of the electricity bill. Like cooling, heating requires a lot of electricity. You could get multiple types of water heaters in the market. Your choice would depend on your application. As a leader in the electronic home appliance repairing service, in this blog we would try to make you aware of the ways in which you need to use your geyser correctly so that your electric bills during winters are low. 

Tips you should know about using geysers correctly

The thermostat settings of your geyser must be set correctly

Most geysers are usually equipped with a thermostat. The thermostat of the geyser helps to keep the temperature of the water in the geyser at the desired level. It cuts of the supply of electricity to the geyser once the desired temperature of the water in it is attained. In case the temperature falls below the desired level it again starts to provide electricity to the geyser so that water starts getting heated again. The proper functioning of the thermostat is therefore critical for the geyser to work properly. So you must ensure that the thermostat is set to perform correctly to ensure maximum efficiency for your geyser. This therefore regulates the flow of electricity to your geyser and determines your electric bill in the winter season.  

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Best not to leave the geyser on when it is not in use

Many people have a habit of keeping the geyser on all the time. This may lead to unnecessary wastage of electricity. It is best to switch on the geyser only when you need hot water. If you leave the home appliance on all the time, the water in the geyser would lose the heat after some time once the desired level of temperature is achieved. Thus it gets slightly cold. Once the temperature drops the heating process again starts which requires consumption of electricity. Thus it is best to keep your geyser off when you do not need it. This can save you from unnecessary wastage of electricity and help to cut back on your electric bill in winters.

Choose the right geyser based on your requirement

It is best to choose the right sized geyser depending on your requirement. Choosing a large sized geyser for requirement of less amount of hot water would lead to the wastage of the same. So depending on your family size and how many persons would use your geyser you need to choose the geyser size accordingly. 

Another important thing to note while buying geysers is to buy those which are rated as 5 stars. The higher the rating the more efficient your geyser would be in terms of electric consumption. A geyser rated 5 stars in this aspect means that it would consume less electricity and ensure lower electricity bills in winters.

You also need to have your geyser serviced on a periodical basis to ensure maximum efficiency of the appliance. In case you are looking for geyser maintenance and repair services in Kolkata, then get in touch with Cyborg Services. We are a leading provider of geyser repairing services in Kolkata. For details please visit our website.