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With the approaching winter out of all the home appliances which become essential, the water heater or geyser is one, which is regularly used. It is true that manufacturers provide the best parts which can deal with the constant heating and cooling. However, at the same time, you have to remember that even the best parts will wear down if put under continuous pressure. Let us look at some important tips for water heater maintenance and installation to prolong its life. This would help in spite of its regular expansion and contraction from heating and cooling.

Space around the geyser while installation
The installation of the geyser is a very important step. While having it installed, make sure that there is sufficient space around it. It must be installed in a way that it can be easily accessed. This becomes necessary because unless it is easily accessible, servicing it might be a major problem. So always ensure that there is sufficient space around this apparatus.

Electrical connections and switches:
While having your geyser installed you must also ensure that it is connected to a Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB). This provides protection to the geyser in case of sudden cuts off electricity in case of power fluctuations. Thus there would be minimal chances of any short circuit in the water heater. Apart from this keep the switch at a sufficient height away from small children but not too high that you or any adult has problems while trying to reach it.

Do not keep the geyser switched on for extended periods
It is usually seen that most People prefer to keep the geyser switched on for extended periods. This is more so, especially during the morning hours. They do so because they feel that since everyone needs warm water before they rush for work or school, keeping the geyser on will save time. This was true in the past. But today’s geysers heat the water within 5 minutes. You must realize that keeping the geyser on for extended periods will reduce the life of the apparatus. Therefore it makes great sense to put it on only 5 minutes before you need it and not half an hour before. This is what can help in extending the life of your geyser.

You could save more electricity by lowering the temperature
Geyser maintenance is important as you will save electricity as well! In case you use a lower temperature setting as the water will reach that temperature faster. The reduced temperature means the geyser would work less. This will and this will increase its life in the long run. Apart from this, having warm water rather than very hot water in the tap reduces the chances of any accidental burns. This is more important for families with small children. Hot water heater maintenance is hence very crucial to ensure you never run out of hot water during winters.

Keep an eye on the plug
It is to be noted that power fluctuations and using low capacity wiring for the power socket mean your switch could make a spark every now and then. You would also notice burn marks on your plug’s pins as the higher electricity wattage will heat up the plug and the pins and leave burn traces.

For the prevention of any future electrical short circuit from this, it is best to use plugs and sockets that are new and have been properly wired and plugged in.