The Microwaves is an important kitchen appliance which offers great convenience in our fast paced lives. Unfortunately most people use their microwaves every day without giving a proper thought about its maintenance. The good news is that a few good habits can make a substantial difference. We at Cyborg Services have been into Microwave repairing service since long and in this blog recommend 6 simple tips to ensure that your Microwave Oven has a longer life.

  • Keep your Microwave Oven clean

One of the easiest ways by means of which you could easily extend the longevity of your microwave oven is by cleaning it regularly. You may not realize that food and liquid spatters can absorb energy, leading to burn spots and even cause damage to components of the microwave. You can also easily prevent most microwave messes by purchasing a microwave cover. You could also simply use materials such as paper towels or wax paper to cover your dishes during the heating process.
microwave oven maintenance tips | Microwave oven service center in Kolkata

  • Choose Dishware Carefully

You must take note of the fact that materials that are not microwave safe can cause fires or explosions. Thus for the sake of safety and the longevity of your microwave, you should only use microwave-safe dishware. Typically, ceramic, glass, and plastic items are safe to microwave, but there are exceptions. Instead of making assumptions, it is best to look for the microwave-safe label on a piece of dishware.

  • Prevent Door Damage

You should realize that the door of the Microwave are among the most widely abused parts of a microwave. At some point, many people have slammed a microwave door, pushed it shut with an elbow for lack of free hands, or pulled the door open without first turning off the microwave. All of these actions may cause gradual damage to your unit. So it best to handle the door rightly to ensure greater durability of your microwave.

  • Avoid Running on Empty

By running a microwave empty can cause serious damage to it. This is because when it is empty, the energy the microwave produces must be absorbed by its own components, such as the glass or the magnetron that produces the energy. These components are not however designed to withstand this kind of exposure, and repairing or replacing them can be expensive. So you must avoid running your Microwave oven empty at any point of time.

  • Guard Against Surges

Sudden surges in power could be caused by all kinds of events, including lightning, downed power lines, and grid switching. Unfortunately, out of the entire kitchen appliance these surges can be particularly more damaging to microwaves. You must try to unplug your microwave oven between uses if you want to save energy, or you can simply plug it into a surge protector. A surge protector could be the most convenient solution for you to safeguard against sudden power surges.

  • Know When to Call for Help

In spite of all the safeguards you could undertake to ensure proper functioning of your microwave oven, it is best to consult an expert when the situation demands. In case you need any help for your Microwave repairing please get in touch for effective repairing at affordable costs.