Today with the growing number of channels covering almost all sectors your television provides you with great entertainment. After coming back from office it is possible that you switch it on and it serves as your favorite pastime and relaxation. TV is a home appliance which keeps serving us over long periods of time. But most of us take our TVs for granted. We also expect that it would continue to serve us nonstop without any maintenance. But this may not be true. There are some TV protection guidelines.

With the latest technology, the TVs of today are most advanced. So be it a LED, LCD’s or HD TVs, huge amounts are being spent on procuring them. We at Cyborg Services provide the best repair and maintenance services for various kinds of home appliances including TVs. In this blog we will mention some simple tips that will help you protect your TV.  

Simple TV Protection Tips
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You must Prevent Use of Harsh Screen Cleaning Chemicals

There are many advertisements which promote use of certain chemicals to clean your TV sets. However you must know that most of the modern LED and LCD TVs are covered by a layer of plastic. If you use any such harsh chemicals for cleaning the monitor of your TV it is likely that the same would react with the same. It would in turn damage the screen. So be careful while cleaning the screen of your Television set. It is best to just wipe of the dust instead and not use any such chemicals.

It is best to dust your Television regularly

You must note that the accumulation of dust is often very detrimental to your TV set. With the dust the heat gets trapped. This has an adverse effect on your TV set. So you need to prevent any accumulation of dust on your TV set or any other electronic appliance. Thus you must dust them with lint free cloth on a regular basis.

 You Need To Use Mounts and Stabilizers

In case your LCD & LED TV is to on the wall, ensure that the same is done properly. They must be mounted with studs that are strong enough to bear the weight of the TV set on the wall. Along with this you also must use stabilizers which will protect your TV set against any major voltage fluctuations which can cause great damage to it.

 Using Surge Protectors are important as well 

You need to be aware of the fact that even minor surges in the power grid can cause great damage to electronics plugged directly into outlets. So it is best to make use a surge protector . This will  shield your TV set  and other entertainment electronics appliances against  electrical damage.

Be Careful While Plugging In Video Game Consoles

Game consoles have gained much popularity in recent times. However certain video game consoles might be very damaging to  your TV set. So be careful what you plug in to your TV Set from next time.

In conclusion we hope that the TV protection tips provided above will help you to protect your TV set. To know more please visit our website.