Winter has just set in. With the temperatures dipping need for hot water has become a top most requirement for many. Geysers or water heaters are therefore the best for a constant source of hot water throughout the cold winter. Therefore if you are planning to get one installed the following are some important tips for geyser maintenance and installation:

Space around the Geyser
While having the water heater installed, you must ensure that some space is there between the apparatus and the walls. Thus in case, the technician does not have sufficient wriggle room to check out the water heater parts, they would not be able to service it or repair it properly.

Putting the Geyser at a Sufficient Height
Apart from ensuring that there is sufficient space between a geyser and the wall it is also important that it is installed at a place with sufficient height. This ensures the water pressure is sufficient and you get a strong flow of hot water from the tap.

Electrical Connections and Switches
It is important that you have a Miniature Circuit Breaker popularly known as MCB connected to the geyser being installed. This will prevent against any damage to the geyser if there is excessive electricity flowing into the geyser.

Regular maintenance Tips

Do not keep the geyser on for extended periods
You must take note that keeping the geyser on for extended periods would reduce the life of the apparatus. Thus it makes better sense to put it on only 5 minutes before you need it and not half an hour before. Regular water heater maintenance would help in extending the life of your geyser.

Save electricity by setting a lower temperature
Water heater maintenance is important not only for the durability of the apparatus, but it would also help save electricity too. In case you use a lower temperature setting as the water will reach that temperature faster. The reduced temperature means the geyser will have to work less and this will increase its life. Apart from this setting a lower temperature also helps to save against accidental burns as well. Thus setting a lower temperature can be beneficial in many ways on various fronts.

Hiring the right repairs and Maintenance Company
Last but not the least you need to hire the services of a well renowned and reliable geyser repairing and servicing company in Kolkata. It is best that expert technicians, service or repairs your geyser so that it lasts longer.