Summer has arrived. Amongst various home appliances, your fridge is perhaps the most important. Be it in terms of preserving your food or for cooling drinking water, the smooth functioning of your fridge is critical. Being in the business of fridge maintenance and repairing, we present you some tips which will help you to ensure just that.

Tips for fridge maintenance

You need to take extra care of your fridge amongst your other home appliances, specially at this time, before the summer. The reason is that this is one of the few home appliances which run round the clock. To ensure this the following are dos and don’ts.

  • Take care of the condenser coils

Condensers are located at the back of your refrigerator. Thus they are sometimes forgotten. But they are critical to keep your fridge cool. So you need proper maintenance of the same. In order to do so, you must ensure that they are cleaned properly at least once in six months. In case you find it difficult to do the same, you need to take the help of a reliable technician who could do it for you.

  • Maintain a gap

While working, the frost free type fridges generate some heat which needs to escape. To ensure that, you must keep a gap of at least 6 inches between your fridge and the wall behind.

Fridge Maintenance | Refrigerator repair service | Kolkata

  • Clean your fridge regularly

You need to keep your fridge healthy and fresh with regular cleaning. In case you spill something, wipe it up immediately. Use a mild, natural detergent mixed with hot water. You need to clean the inside, may be once in a month.

  • Do not over-pack your fridge

You must not over-stuff your refrigerator with food. A refrigerator which is too full would not have enough room for the cool air to circulate properly. Thus, your food would not stay cool and fresh. In case you consistently need to over-pack your fridge, it might be time for a new one.

  • Don’t leave the door open for long periods

Every time you open the refrigerator door, as much as 40% of the cold air escapes. This means the compressor has to overwork to maintain the temperature. You must reduce the workload on your compressor and cut your energy bills by opening the door less and keeping it open for shorter periods of time.

  • Call a technician whenever necessary

Breakdowns of your fridge usually do not happen overnight. In most instances, they would give you warning signs before malfunctioning. If you notice that your fridge is making loud noises, leaking or any other indications, you should call in a professional technician before it leads to any bigger problems.

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