The summers in Kolkata have become very harsh these days. During the summer months given the extreme heat as well as the humidity, it almost becomes unbearable at times. This is more so if you are an aged person. Given the extreme discomfort levels during the summers A-Cs are no longer luxury appliances. For most, they have become almost a necessity. However, in case you use one you need to be particular about its maintenance. Though regularly used in summers winters could be the ideal time when you could have its serviced from the best AC machine servicing and maintenance providers in the field.

Here are some important AC machine Servicing tips which you must ensure is done during the servicing of your AC machine.

Cleaning & Replacement of Air Filters
In case your AC has a reusable filter, it is needed to be cleaned periodically. During summer it should be done every month during that time. Regular cleaning of air filters ensures elimination of dirt, dust and allergen particles. This helps in better cooling of the AC machine.

Inspection of the thermostat
When you are having the routine maintenance done, it should be ensured that the thermostat is inspected as well. With a properly functioning thermostat, you would enjoy the best temperatures. A great way is to upgrade your thermostat is with a programmable one. This will ensure you can control the temperatures around your house and also provide a comfortable environment. Besides this, a programmable thermostat can also help by saving power and running costs for your system.

Inspection of the condensing unit
When it comes to AC Machines, the condenser is one of the key components. Thus the fan that is attached to the condenser needs to be in good condition at all times. So this needs to be inspected regularly. If cracks or chips are noticed on the fan blades, they must be replaced immediately. Any signs of overheating, melted insulation, burned wires among any other repairs need to be looked into as well. It is advisable that only handle any matters pertaining to any major maintenance of the condenser of the AC Machine.

Inspection of the system wiring
Your AC system has many wiring connections. These must be inspected regularly from time to time. For example, one needs to check the system capacitor using an electrical tester and inspect the contractor switch for any damages that might need replacement. You must also note that dust and dirt are the most common contaminants on the system. They usually can diminish air flow and the unit capacity. Thus while cleaning the external parts, the technicians make sure that the power is shut off and then they must remove any debris with a garden hose.

To conclude we can say that by ensuring that the above points are taken care of your AC machine should function properly. In case you are looking for the best AC repairing and maintenance services in Kolkata then Cyborg Services is the leader in the field.